Foundation Week 2017 celebrates impact of giving to UWCSEA

The week of 6-11 November, the College played host to its first ever Foundation Week. The weeklong celebration brought together members of the community to take part in over 28 different events, including dinners with the scholar community, sustainability tours of the campuses, and special mission-linked film nights. Topping off the week was the inaugural Impact of Giving Gala, a College fundraiser organised by a group of dedicated parents and held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. The event featured UWCSEA alumni Sonam Kapoor, Anita Kapoor and Sean Ghazi as celebrity guests.

Bettina Haupter, Parent Ambassador for UWCSEA Foundation, said, “The week was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of the Impact of Giving and provide unique opportunities for parents, students, alumni and staff to understand more about how gifts are enriching the UWC experience. From seeing the student installed solar panels on the roof, to hearing scholars speak about their scholarship experience and learning how endangered tree species are being rescued from extinction, it was an eye-opening experience for all that took part. You really got to see how gifts are making a difference across the College.”

With over 800 individuals registering to be part of the Foundation Week activities, and countless more stopping to explore the interactive information displays, the week was a huge success for awareness raising.

Dave Shepherd, Director of Advancement explained: “Since 2008, the College has received over S$23 million in gifts. This support has had an enormous impact on UWCSEA and this week was an opportunity to showcase the vital role our community has played in supporting the continued development of UWCSEA. Thank you to not only those that took part but to all those that helped make the week the success it was.”

All activities and events featured in Foundation Week 2017 were directly linked to the College’s four core fundraising programmes:

Scholarships – enhance the diversity of UWCSEA by creating additional scholarship opportunities, support the global UWC Refugee Initiative; which aims to fund 100 refugee scholarships each year, and ensure all these experiences are as rewarding as they can be.

Sustainable Development – develop exciting opportunities for our students to build the skills and understanding needed for shaping a sustainable future.

Teaching and Learning – support pioneering learning programmes, innovative staff professional development, and experiential learning initiatives that equip students for life.

Endowment – provide the freedom to seize opportunities as they emerge and support the long-term financial plan of the College so future generations can benefit.

Collective giving through the UWCSEA Foundation continues to advance the vital UWC mission and enrich the transformational UWCSEA learning experience, in the classroom and beyond. Make a gift today.