Sustainable development

Incredible Edible

Gifts made to the UWCSEA Fund support a range of environmental activities for students from K1 to Grade12. In 2016, one such initiative was the creation of vegetable gardens.

The Edible Garden Project – now known by the students as ‘Incredible Edible’ – is a well-established College Service. This year, the UWCSEA Fund supported the role of a part-time supervisor to provide the necessary expertise and crucial logistical support in running the project. Gifts also funded the installation of an irrigation infrastructure and much-needed planting materials and tools.

From managing two separate organic fruit and vegetable gardens, the students learn what will and won’t grow in this difficult climate. During the course of the year, they learn to propagate from seeds and cuttings, how to maintain a healthy vegetable garden, manage soils and deal with pests.

“I thought that Incredible Edible was an incredible experience, I have learnt a lot about plants – how to help them grow to be healthy and strong. The thing I most enjoyed about Incredible Edible was being outside. Instead of being cooped up in a classroom studying plants on a whiteboard, we actually went out to water the plants and nurture them.” Daniella, Grade 5