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Focus on Scholarships: Emmy-award winning filmmaker and advocate for social justice

Kibi Anderson, Class of 1996 and scholar from the USA, spent her childhood supporting political campaigns to elect people who were fighting for equality for marginalised communities. Her mother was heavily involved in local politics at the time and was one of a small group of women of colour running for office and asserting the rights of women to have a seat at the political table. It was this early experience and passion for social justice, education and female empowerment that inspired Kibi to apply to be part of the UWC movement.

Receiving a scholarship to UWCSEA in 1994 changed her life, as it was here, at the College, that she found ‘her tribe’ – a global community of like-minded people: “It helped me understand that, no matter where we come from in the world, we are all alike, in need of love, compassion, inspiration and a just society.” The UWC commitment to service was something that resonated with her, as did the respect and celebration of cultural diversity, evidenced by her education and career successes to date.

Her time living in Southeast Asia enabled Kibi to develop a unique, first-hand perspective on how to tell culturally specific stories that resonate with a broader audience. This passion culminated in her Emmy-Award winning production of The Mighty Warriors of Comedy, a feature film documentary about an Asian comedy troupe that aired nationally in the US on PBS. Some of her other past production credits include Universal Remote, a sketch comedy feature film; Animal Story, a short film; Hatest Grits, a live sketch comedy concert; and Cuba Libre, a film shot in the Dominican Republic.

A firm believer in the Martin Luther King’s statement: “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be; this is the interrelated structure of reality,” Kibi is determined to help educate and support the next generation of young leaders, especially young girls, develop the skills to achieve their dreams. She currently serves as a member of the board to the NYU Alumni Association and is an advisory board member of Calm Clarity, an organisation that works to empower young people in extremely challenging situations by providing tools to overcome adversity and change their lives. In her spare time, she supports Peace Over Violence, a non-profit that works to build healthy families and communities that are free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence, as well as the Liberty Hill Foundation, a national leader in social justice and advocacy.

Now working behind the scenes in media leadership, Kibi is the current Head of Digital Strategy and Business Development at Bloomberg Media. In this role, she oversees new partnerships and strategic relationships and assesses new business opportunities focused on growing the global business.

“My time at UWC is why I have always worked to incorporate culture and community building activities into my professional responsibilities – whether that be working to bring more culturally diverse stories to mainstream audiences as a filmmaker, or volunteering to serve on diversity and inclusion projects at work. UWC taught me that it’s incumbent on me to be the change I want to see, so I’ve worked to live by that motto.”

Kibi received her MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and is a cum laude graduate of Harvard University, where she earned a BA degree in East Asian Studies.