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Fund a flight brings 19 scholar families together for graduation

Gifts to the UWCSEA Fund positively impact our scholar community in so many ways. While the cost of the UWCSEA scholarship includes flights to and from Singapore, it does not pay for family members to fly in and celebrate Graduation. Fund a Flight is a remarkable programme that brings scholars and their family together for this momentous occasion.

This year, thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, 19 scholars in the Class of 2018 graduated with a family member by their side.

Since I first arrived here five years ago, no one in my family has seen where I live, what I do, or met those that have taken care of me. So my graduation was a very exciting experience for us all. It was their first time flying too.

We have no words to describe how thankful we are. This kind support has warmed our hearts and is extremely valuable to us; we will always remember it.”

Mey, Class of 2018 and five-year scholar from Cambodia

Mey Fund a flight.jpg

“I cannot be more grateful to you, especially with the final gift that you gave me by offering to my dear mother the opportunity to come and join me in such a special occasion that my graduation day is. Thank you very for the noble actions that you perpetuate in this school and, ultimately, in this world.” Aida, Class of 2018, a Scholar from Senegal.

“Being from a single-parent family meant that my mother was the only permanent parent figure in my life. She has been with me throughout my life, through every challenge and at every crossroad. You have afforded me the opportunity to share this special moment with my personal hero and for that, I am eternally grateful. You have done my family and I a great service and I assure you that I will take what you have done for me as inspiration and “pay it forward”. By that, I mean that I will extend the same warmth and generosity that you have extended to me to others around the world who are also in need in hopes of creating and sustaining a cycle of generosity.” Masud, Class of 2018, a scholar from Guyana.