The UWCSEA community unites: the UWCSEA Foundation Donor Celebration Event 2019

Set against the green backdrop of HortPark, the annual UWCSEA Foundation Donor Celebration Event saw over 150 donors and supporters gather on Tuesday, 19 February.

The evening celebrated the launch of the Foundation’s 2017/2018 Impact of Giving Report and highlighted how gifts are having a transformational impact across the community.

Over 65 student leaders and staff involved in programmes that have benefitted from funding from donors, including Adopt a Tree, Chinese Culture and History, the Dover Green Heart, the IDEAS Hub, Rainforest Restoration Project, Scholarships Programme, Solar for UWCSEA and Urban/Edible Gardening set up booths in an ‘exhibition’ format, where attendees could stop by, ask questions and engage in discussions.

Throughout the evening scholars acting as roving ‘conversationalists’; mingling with guests and sharing their unique stories about how support through the Foundation is directly impacting their learning.

Donor Celebration evening - Hort Park - 2019-31

Chris Edwards, Head of College, opened the event, welcoming guests and thanking them for their support. His remarks were followed by an inspiring student panel discussion, moderated by Neha Patel, Foundation Parent Ambassador.

A few highlights:

Grade 11 student, Sarvasv, told his fascinating story of learning to code at the IDEAS Hub in Grade 8, and going on to win the prestigious Most Innovative Start-Up prize at the 2018 Ideasinc competition at Nanyang Technological University.

“Because of the IDEAS Hub I learned how to code, started teaching other people how to code, and entered technology competitions. The IDEAS Hub provides something I haven’t seen in any other school and if students want to do something, it really supports them to make their dreams true. Thank you to everyone who has supported us; without you, I wouldn’t have been able to do a tenth of what I’ve done so far.”

Grade 12 student, Khantey, a five-year scholar from Cambodia, who joined UWCSEA in Grade 8, spoke about becoming committed to service and her hopes for the future.

“Through my education at UWCSEA, service has become such a big part of my life and it has come to define who I am. This is really important for me because coming from Cambodia, economics used to define a person and education was only a means to escape from poverty.

The donors are very important and I hope from the conversations you have this evening, you can realize you are making a positive, ripple effect in the world. And I’m really, really excited to be standing in your spot in a couple of years’ time listening to the next scholars in the next generation. And I hope to see you there!”

In closing, Chris Edwards outlined:

I would like you to have faith in the UWCSEA Foundation, and I would like to think it is less about helping other people and more about liberating everyone, including ourselves, and that our mission statement – uniting peoples, nations and cultures – it’s not about a liberal elite acting in a vertical act of charity – it’s about global citizens forging a plane of horizontal solidarity. And a sincere thanks to each one of you for making that possible.”


UWCSEA Scholars, 2018/2019

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Success! Mikael Mörn’s Big Mountain Challenge

Mikael Mörn ’92 and member of the UWCSEA Foundation Leadership Council, climbed not one but three of the world’s most remote mountain peaks, Mount Ararat (Turkey), Mount Damavand (Iran) and Mount Elbrus (Russia) in 2018 in aid of generating funds for a new UWCSEA scholarship opportunity.

From astride a mountain peak, Mikael sent a message to the alumni community, inspiring them to get involved and help make a difference. And how they rose to the challenge! As a result, UWCSEA will open its’ doors to a new scholar in August 2019. The goal is to offer this scholarship to a young person who has come from difficult circumstances, potentially as an Internally Displaced Person (IDP), and give them the opportunity of a life-changing UWC education.

“I do not know a group of more positive and passionate leaders of tomorrow than UWCSEA graduates – within that cohort, the grit and determination of scholars, who have often risen from incredibly challenging circumstances, makes them changemakers to watch!” Mikael Mörn

Read Mikael’s expedition blog here.

A huge thank you to Mikael for undertaking this extraordinary feat in support of the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme. Not only did his challenge raise substantial funds, but it also saw members of the alumni community come out in droves to support and cheer him on, rooting for his success, every step of the way!

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The UWC Refugee Initiative – Taking action for equality, justice and human dignity

To masses of cheering supporters around the world, 70 years ago today on December 10, 1948, the United National General Assembly adopted a landmark document enshrining principles of equality, justice and dignity for all – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The UWC community has much to be proud of for their work in human rights and today we shine a spotlight on the UWC Refugee Initiative, which is changing the lives of young people living in the most dire of situations.

The UWC Refugee Initiative is a joint programme between the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and UWC with the annual goal of offering 100 UWC scholarships to students of refugee or stateless status. In 2017, UNHCR estimated that more than half of the world’s school-age refugee children don’t have access to education, and UNESCO found that this lack of access heightens the risk of violence and conflict, creating a vicious cycle of lost educational opportunities, conflict and displacement for decades.

The Refugee Initiative is rooted in UWC’s commitment to make education a force for peace. Currently, funds have been raised internationally to offer nearly 50 UWC Refugee Scholarships every year. The UWCSEA community has funded four refugees to attend a UWC, some scholarships are made possible by pooling together funds from tens or hundreds of smaller donations, whilst others are made from the generosity of a single large gift.

Meet some of the refugee scholars studying at UWCs:

Sharon, Class of ‘20, Refugee Scholar from Sri Lanka


Despite living through the civil war in Sri Lanka which tore her family apart, with her father missing and the family internally displaced, Sharon’s horizons have dramatically changed as she is now studying for an IB scholarship at UWC Atlantic.

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Nancy, Class of ‘19, Refugee Scholar from South Sudan

Nancy, from South Sudan, is studying for her IB Diploma at UWC Dilijan.

“After I joined UWC I began to feel so different, my nature has changed, I began to think differently and care about everything.

It is just miraculous how I found myself engaging with people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds – all of us embracing the same movement. This opportunity is not only fulfilling my dreams but also giving my family and my community hope of future change.”

Mahmoud, Class of ‘19, Refugee Scholar from Palestine


Palestinian refugee, Mahmoud, was overwhelmed to have been selected by the UWC National Committee for Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. In mid-2017, he flew to Europe to begin his new life at UWC Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“UWC has expanded my knowledge and given me different perspectives on issues. It changed me to be more understanding and encouraged me to look at each side of the story…I feel that I am the voice of all of those Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, who are still deprived of their basic human rights and have no one to hear their suffering.”

Lydia, refugee scholar from South Sudan, Class of ‘20

Lydia, another refugee from South Sudan, will soon be starting a fresh chapter of her life in Bosnia and Herzegovina at UWC Mostar.

Today, let us honour the monumental achievement that is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and keep working to create more opportunities for some of the world’s most needy young people; join us in supporting the UWC Refugee Initiative and help to shine a light in the darkness to transform young people’s lives.

Show your support for refugees. Make a donation today.