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Focus on Scholarships: Emmy-award winning filmmaker and advocate for social justice

Kibi Anderson, Class of 1996 and scholar from the USA, spent her childhood supporting political campaigns to elect people who were fighting for equality for marginalised communities. Her mother was heavily involved in local politics at the time and was one of a small group of women of colour running for office and asserting the rights of women to have a seat at the political table. It was this early experience and passion for social justice, education and female empowerment that inspired Kibi to apply to be part of the UWC movement.

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Giving the gift of flights

Graduation is a significant milestone for all Grade 12s at UWCSEA. It is a culmination of many years of hard work and a celebration of their UWC journey and one most look forward to sharing with family and friends. However, for many of our scholars, the high cost of travelling to Singapore means that it is difficult for family members to be present. Gifts through the Foundation are working to change that.

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Donor Celebration Event 2018

On Tuesday 20th of February, over 140 members from the UWCSEA donor community came together to celebrate the impact of giving to the College.

Held in the lush surroundings of Hort Park, the annual Donor Celebration event showcased a range of programmes that gifts have made possible such as Solar for DoverAdopt a Tree, the Rainforest Restoration Project and IDEAS Hub.  With over 70 students (including members of our scholar and boarding community) in attendance, the evening was a fantastic opportunity to engage with those currently living and learning the UWC values.

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